This is an Excellent Book for Christian Single Ladies

This is an excellent book for Christian single ladies because it is written by a fellow Christian single who understands deeply the issues of Christian single women. The language is simple, the discussions are frank, transparent, and relatable, something that draws the readers’ heart in. Except for one, every chapter ends with an evaluation and prayer section that seeks to leave the long lasting impact intended by the author.

Here is a rundown of the 14 chapters and two appendices

1. Are You Angry at God for Your Singleness?

2. How to Cultivate Contentment in Singleness as you Wait for Marriage

3. The Right Way to Wait on God’s Timing for a Husband

4. Dealing With a Haunting Past

5. Self-Esteem and the Christian Single Woman

6. Pursuing Sexual Purity

7. Maximize Your Singleness

8. How to Find a Godly Husband

9. How and Why you Should Discover Your Purpose While Still Single

10. How to Respond to Family, Church, and Societal Pressure

11. Preparing for Marriage

12. Christian Dating Rules and Questions Singles Ask

13. Single and Unemployed

14. Letter to the King’s Daughter

Appendix I: Positive Affirmations for Christian Singles

Appendix II: Bible Verses for Sexual Purity

What other Christian single ladies have said about the book

“This book was an enjoyable read. I loved that Janet was very transparent, relatable and touched on so many areas that we all face. She was bold enough to address issues that I know so many young women and men ask, but people are afraid to address. I loved that she used scripture as a guide and gave us guides and tips on how to deal with various situations, overcome obstacles and improve ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I would totally recommend this book to young women from the age of 16 and up and even from 13 years old.”

— Janelle Green

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A convicting and compassionate read! Timely and sound reminders as to our passion for Christ and progress as believers. The author’s honesty mirrors my desires, anxieties and expectations as a young single Christian woman. I absolutely love the opportunities for reflection/self-evaluation after each chapter.

Janna Nelson

A pragmatic, faith lifting book for single Christian women seeking fulfillment and happiness in life.

Sirri Beckline

About the Author

Janet Bengan is a Christian who loves to write. Through fiction and non-fiction, she combines her faith and her love for writing to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life. A very special passion with Janet is to inspire Christian singles to live fulfilled lives.

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