Clean and Edifying Christian Short Stories by Janet Bengan

The Married Bachelor

A young medical practitioner, who lives away from his wife, battles sexual temptation from female colleagues

One distress I came to grips with during my first year at the Bethesda Clinic in Bamenda was the fact that my wife still had two years of medical school at the Yaoundé Teaching Hospital, far away from me.

Not only did this translate into me, a virile twenty-eight-old fresh medical practitioner, not having sexual gratification when I needed it, but it posed an even bigger problem for my spiritual life. In the eyes of my co-workers, especially some notorious four female nurses, I was this ruddy-cheeked, married-but-living-alone doctor. Click to read more

The Little Angel’s Magic

Jessica finds out that her ex, whom she hasn’t forgiven, has moved into her neighborhood, her apartment building, with his wife and family!

I knew it wasn’t a dream because my feelings of surprise were too intense.

There was Ken, standing before me, as young and attractive as I’d last seen him five years ago.

Closing my wide-open mouth, I looked away. But I could feel his eyes on me.

“Jessica,” Ken said, coming closer.

I picked up the jerrican that had dropped from my hand and walked down the stairs backward and ran into my apartment on the first floor.

Falling down on the couch, I told myself that life was unfair. Why would Kenneth move into the same building with me? A day after I’d been in my pastor’s office to complain about my prolonged singleness, why this torment? How would I react to Ken’s wife, a woman I’d never met, but… Click to read more

God Delights in These Too

A young mother takes a sabbatical from her religious activities. Then she makes a sweet and startling discovery!

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things,” the pastor said.
That was a fact I couldn’t attest to a year ago. A truth I couldn’t even fathom back then.

Like most things in my life, I had to learn it the hard way. But I’m glad I did learn, anyway.

When I embraced Christianity, I wasn’t like most people – trying out a new adventure and dropping along the way if the journey soured. I left Egypt with only one thought – to reach the Promised Land, come hell or high water. Prayer became my food, serving in the church my blood, and quiet time my obsession.

There was no joy greater than involvement in church duties. In the church, I was faithful and dependable, never complaining or whining. And it paid off in ways beyond my expectation. Click to read more


A false accusation leads to a drastic decision. But is the victim right?

My skin looked paler. I was dying one second at a time. Everyone dies that way, but who’d enjoy the consciousness of it?

Pulling my cheeks downwards with both hands, I drew my face closer to the mirror. Sunken eyes and dry lips. Several overnight forehead wrinkles.

I opened my mouth to examine my tongue. Ugh, the stench. Who brushes a mouth that hasn’t eaten for straight four days?

My eyes ran again over my bedsitting room. The smell of abandonment everywhere. Was a miracle on the way? Hah, wasn’t that what I’d thought on each of the previous days? Click to read more

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