The Ostrich Theory (Uncovering The Errors Of Dispensationalism) PART III

I was VERY legalistic in the early years of my christian experience. After trying so hard to please God and failing woefully, I was ready to quit when God opened my eyes to the message of grace.

The revelation was electrifying and super liberating. I could never atone for my sins and I could never impress and appease God with my good deeds.

But along the line, I began to see that the message of grace today is going to extremes. Scriptures on sanctification are being explained away, and more and more the church is getting worldlier, and preaching on holiness is termed ‘legalism’.

What is the relationship between sanctification and ‘saved by grace’? Read this article by Paul Benson.

Let's Get It Right!


by Paul Benson

(This is Part III of a series of articles on the errors of Dispensational Theology. You can find Part I HERE and Part II HERE.)

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.Paul – an apostle of Christ

If there ever was a man who had a revelation of the majesty and glory of God, and the richness of his grace, it was the Apostle Paul! His writings are quite full of profound expressions such as ‘his unspeakable gift’ or ‘ the unsearchable riches of Christ’.

And Paul fully recognized our need for the grace of God. He devoted his life to the quest of *dispensing the wonderful grace of God upon those who would repent and open their hearts to the…

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Panic Attack or the voice of God?

Before I understood what was going on, I was confused and exasperated. Very exasperated. Why would God always say ‘No’ to whatever I wanted to do? If I wanted to go to school, he would say no. If I wanted to learn a skill, he would say no. Everywhere I turned, I was sure to … Continue reading Panic Attack or the voice of God?