Developing self-esteem as a Single

This post is the Introductory chapter of my free ebook Self-Esteem And The Single It is a belief I hold strongly to that some of the negative experiences Singles go through is rooted in issues with their self-esteem. I struggled with low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority from early childhood and as an adult, it … Continue reading Developing self-esteem as a Single

Can you and should you trust God to write your love story?

  In this post I talked about the unfortunate experiences of some believers who 'heard' God tell them who to marry but it never came to pass. Those experiences have caused some to take the stance that God cannot and will not tell you who to marry. But as I mentioned in the post God can and … Continue reading Can you and should you trust God to write your love story?

Fimba and the shoe shop (A parable)

A PARABLE FOR SINGLE GUYS AND LADIES. Fimba, forsaken by sleep one Saturday night, searched for something to read for distraction. He stumbled on AMNON GETS MARRIED by Jane Aimee. He read the story right up to Amnon’s conversation with pastor Leonard in the church office, before passing out in sleep. And that’s all he … Continue reading Fimba and the shoe shop (A parable)