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7 Wonderful Benefits of Sexual Purity for the Christian Single

The benefits of sexual purity are more than just these. I list only the major ones here. These advantages of sexual purity should act as motivations for you to abstain from sex before marriage

Benefits of Sexual Purity

1. Sexual purity honors God

Honoring God with our bodies is not just a motivation to sexual abstinence for the Christian single, but it is also the greatest benefit of sexual purity. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We glorify Him when we live sexually pure. All other benefits of sexual purity come second to this.

2. Sexual purity testifies to the power of Jesus Christ

Many Christian singles get into sexual sin and make it look like sexual purity or abstinence is an impossibility. That is not true. God’s power is available to help the willing single to live above fornication. Sexual purity therefore is a testimony that the power of Jesus Christ can help you honor Him with your body

3. You have no shame or guilt

This is probably one of the most known benefits of sexual purity. And that is understandable because illicit sex usually breeds shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. Your sexual purity is a priceless possession. Guard it with all your heart.

4. You have no fear of venereal infections, unwanted pregnancy, or unholy soulties

This is another most talked about benefit of sexual purity. After a sexual encounter, people worry about catching infections, getting pregnant, or developing soul ties. You won’t have to bother about those if you live sexually pure.

5. Sexual purity honors sex as God designed it

God designed sex and limited it to a marriage union between a man and a woman. One benefit of sexual purity is that you honor God’s design. What better motivation to run away from fornication. Wait to have sex when you’re married.

6. Sexual purity portrays a life of integrity and makes you a role model

Sexual purity is attractive, it’s beautiful. If you want a life of integrity, a model for other believers, then pursue sexual purity. Many people today are surprised to find virgins or to hear someone admit to being sexually abstinent for many years. You can be a role model to those.

7. Sexual purity builds trust in your relationship

Dating or engaged couples trust each other more when they fight the temptation of illicit sex. When you indulge sex before marriage, it can negatively affect your relationship, even in marriage

How to Live Sexually Pure

The first thing to embrace is that you cannot live sexually pure on your own strength. The strength of your resolve or determination will fail you. You must daily depend on God to help you abstain from opportunities for sexual immorality.

Practically, there are things you can do to limit your chances of giving into the temptation to have sex before marriage. These include:

  • Only date people who value the benefits of sexual purity
  • Maintain godly boundaries in your relationship
  • Avoid erotic content: movies, magazines, music, novels
  • When your body wants sex, instead of fantasizing about sleeping with someone, instead of masturbating, pray, sing worship, ask God for help. Don’t just surrender to the impulse of your flesh. You have God and all His power available to you.

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The benefits of sexual purity should motivate you to abstain from sex out of marriage. Let God empower you as you wait for the right time.