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Why I write mostly on Christian Singleness?

I’m passionate about encouraging Christian single women to live for God, to pursue their purpose, and to prepare for what God has next for them. From personal experience and from watching other Christian singles struggle with the challenges of living single as a Christian, with many falling into various temptation, there’s a burden in my heart to reach out to my sisters, (and why not brothers?) with the good news that being single as a Christian doesn’t have to be as a season of loneliness and depression. This can be your best season as you follow God wholeheartedly.

You don’t have to be angry at God for your singleness, you don’t have to resent your friends when they’re getting married and you can’t yet find someone to date. You can be single, happy and contented, even while you wait for marriage.

Maybe you don’t feel at home in church or Christian environment. Maybe the people around you make your singleness a miserable experience with their lack or understanding or unsolicited advice. Find in this space a voice that speaks a language you can relate with, a voice of compassion and encouragement.


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Newest Book


Your single days can be awesome: God-honoring and filled with joy despite your challenges. Find out more in my new book which discusses in a relatable and transparent way the major challenges Christian single women face. From Dating to Sexual Purity to Dealing with your past, and more, this comprehensive book will bless you!


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